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NEW – MARCH 2020

Love and Excellence Ball 2020

Valentine’s Day Themed Club Ben

NEW Veteran’s Club

Popcorn Event

Mission Improvable at Coal Ben

Jurica Suchy Nature Museum Snake Event

Study Abroad Fair 2020

Fondue Event

December 2019

Reporter: Hanna Wagner

Winter Visit Day

Reporter: Maddie Smith

Red Cross Shelter Training

Reporter: Austin Todner

Theta Phi Alpha Recruitment Week

Reporter: Matti Oshin

Chicago Outsider Artists Exhibition

Reporter: Tommy Tillett

Hour of Community Service

Reporter: Amber Syed

“60-Second Caricature” Event

Reporter: Zaakirah Mujid

December 2019

Rohingya Survivor Speak Out

Maddie Smith interviews Dr. Joel Ostrow at the Rohingya Survivor Speak Out.

Music Department’s Virtual 5K

SASA Basketball Tournament

SEEDS Recycling Forum

Fair Trade Sale

Theta Phi Alpa Future Plans

SPHINX Blanket-making Event

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